Dance event at Shack nightclub

Annika Eriksson’s new film installation ‘Adventure Ahead’ is based on films from the Media Archive of Central England. The work took footage from a number of sources, including ‘Children Rule, 2080’ – a science-fiction film, made in 1980, featuring teenagers in a future world.

As a gesture to bring the project full circle and donate some footage back to the archive, Annika and Gymnasium staged an event at which teenagers from Lincoln (the same age as those who participated in the original film, but a generation on) responded to the project with a dance performance which was filmed and donated back to the archive. The event was hosted in a building in Lincoln which has functioned continuously as a nightclub for over 30 years.

About the dancers: Moorland Dance Group also known by the dancers as ‘Teen Beats’ is a new dance group formed in January 2015 by Positive Futures worker Leah Underwood dance teacher Amy O’Sullivan. It is an amalgamation of two Dance Factor groups from Moorland and North Hykeham as well as new dancers attending from the area.