In Randomania, Joiny-Uppie-Land, and the Lands of the Free and Un-free, we used to say.
by students of The Meadows Primary School

The following text have was created by students of The Meadows Primary School, during workshops with Ruth Ewan and edited by Alec Finlay.

we will have a day off – every day

technology will be everywhere

we will share the mansions of the future

as we see the moon so we will also be able to go the moon, when it is our turn

a friend of mine will, in time, become my sister

we may live twice

we will all have our own private space

we will use common sense

the fields will be green, but the petals pink

there will be no swimming in the sea, and no playing in the rain

it will rain, because the grass needs to grow, but only in the evening

rather than lawnmowers there will be goats to eat the grass, so that electricity is not wasted

there will be no crime, but people will still make some mistakes, in order that they can learn from them

every job will receive the same reward, to ensure that no-one is richer than anyone else

every 20 years a new ruler will be elected, but to be king or queen you must first tame a sea creature

kings and queens will be banned

all votes will be cast on Vote Island