Installation begins at the Old Liberal Club

Installation begins this week on Annika Eriksson’s ‘Adventure Ahead’ in the historic former Liberal Club in Lincoln city centre. The venue, which has previously hosted speeches by Lloyd George and Winston Churchill, will now host Eriksson’s film installation, derived from material from the Media Archive of Central England.

The work takes footage from a number of sources – including Children Rule 2080, a science-fiction TV film made in 1980 featuring children in a future world. Creating a timewarp of projection from and reflection on this key era in British social history, the project includes a film, illuminated signs and an event in a building in Lincoln which has functioned as a nightclub for 30 years.

In addition to the published events, Gymnasium will also host a workshop for schoolchildren between the ages of 13 and 16 who take part in the University’s National Art and Design Saturday Club. The group will develop drawing, dance and filming skills and will then document a performance by a young people’s dance group led by Amy O’Sullivan (Community and Youth Dance Worker, Arts NK), at the Shack nightclub in Lincoln city centre. This building has functioned as a nightclub for over 30 years and the teenagers filmed at this event will join those from the original sci-fi film from 35 years ago in the archive, as footage from the event will be donated back to MACE, bringing the project full circle.

The project opens Thurs 15th and runs till 14th November.