Raqs Media Collective

Image: Happen-Stances, 2016 (1 of 9) Raqs Media Collective

Gymnasium has commissioned New Delhi-based artists Raqs Media Collective to produce a new temporary public work in Lincoln in Spring/Summer 2016.

In the run up to the opening of this new public work, Raqs are presenting past works, alongside a new series of prints, in Project Space Plus.

“Happen-Stances” is a suite of prints based on Raqs Media Collective’s study of ‘The Laws of Thought’ a book by the nineteenth century mathematician George Boole. Boole pioneered the concept of ‘logic gates’ using category constellations such as ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘perhaps’ that went on to become the foundations of ‘Boolean Logic’ in computer programming. In Happen-Stances, Raqs weaves statements about wealth, possibility, ethics and abundance out of the texture of Boole’s formulations, through the operations of chance. These are transformed into image-text objects that could be aids to thinking, or simply enjoyed as anticipations of word-sculptures in print form.

Raqs Media Collective
13 April – 7 May

Project Space Plus,
The University of Lincoln,
Brayford Pool,

Open Mon – Saturday 10am – 4pm.
(apart from Bank Holiday Monday 2 May)
Free entry.