The Playground Was Actually a Spaceship Was Actually an Office Building Was Actually a Playground Was Actually a Spaceship
by Brian Kuan Wood

Essay by Brian Kuan Wood in response to the new commission by Annika Eriksson.

The Playground Was… (PDF)

Brian Kuan Wood is a writer and editor based in New York. In 2008 he initiated e-flux journal with Anton Vidokle and Julieta Aranda, which publishes ten issues per year online (and on a print-on-demand basis), along with a series of readers in collaboration with Sternberg Press. In 2010, he edited Selected Maria Lind Writing. From 2000-2005 he was based in Cairo, where he produced publications and sound projects in collaboration with artists, also initiating an online journal together with artist Iman Issa featuring artists based in Cairo and Alexandria. His writing has appeared in Bidoun, CAC Interviu, Paletten, e-flux journal, and various artist-initiated platforms and publications.